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Making a success of your property development projects

More and more developers are incorporating a hospitality concept into their real estate projects to create links within the city. The further they look into the operator's needs, the higher the exit value will be.

Belleville Hospitality Partners understands the issues of real estate developers, investorsand operators. Secures the path that will allow them to achieve their ambitions. From concrete to pillow. From balance sheet and IRR to P&L. 

Yield and customer oriented. Making it easy for you.



  • Analysis of market potential across a wide range of uses

  • Integration of the city's expectations and the urban planning context

  • Definition of the most appropriate options for a programme

  • Recommendations for positioning: offer(s), sizing of offers

  • Development of programme scenarios



  • Programming of spaces for an optimal use of the floor area , generating revenue, while designing an ergonomic space for the teams

  • Programmatic brief to guide the architect's work and optimise the design according to operating requirement

  • Realistic and optimised operating business plans

  • Advice on contractual arrangements (BEFA, VEFA, management contracts, management leases, etc.) to protect the interests of all parties and help projects to become a reality

  • Estimation of potential rental income




  • Depending on the positioning envisaged, identification of a list of the most relevant operators to consider

  • Preparing presentation files

  • Management of voluntarily restricted and qualitative consultations

  • Advice to the project owner on negotiating financial terms and conditions

  • Analysis of the structuring elements of the descriptive notes, enabling developers to anticipate construction and fitting-out costs for operators more accurately

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